Europa Universalis IV: Cradle of Civilization Review + 1.23 Patch

by Strategia

400 words


Cradle of Civilization is the newest expansion to the hit strategy game “Europa Universalis IV”.¬† Cradle of Civilization came with the free 1.23 patch to the game. The main purpose of the expansion was to revamp the Middle East region. And it did a fantastic job at that. Tons of new provinces, states, and countries were added.


Here is the revamped Middle East map.


A main feature is the Army Professionalism mechanic. Army Professionalism is similar to the older Army Tradition interface in which it buffs your units. It increases when you recruit generals, constructing military buildings, or drilling your armies (Something we’ll go over later), and is decreased by hiring mercenaries or destroying army buildings. At the start of the game your professionalism is low since you have just emerged from the middle ages but during the game it will go up and you will get positive buffs, like increased damage or movement.


The Army Professionalism mechanic is shown to the left of the picture

Hand in hand with the new mechanics are the ability to drill your armies, and a reworked military screen. Drilling will cost a loss in morale until you cancel it, but it will slowly increase your unit’s effectiveness.index-1

New Army Drill feature shown in military view

Going into more detail about the Middle East rework, the Islamic religion portrayed in the game is now divided into special Islamic schools. Countries adherent to certain schools are able to invite scholars from other schools to give them a temporary bonus. The divide in the religion has been changed to Mysticism vs. Legalism, complete with fancy icons! Also, the Mamluk government has been overhauled and tribal federations now exist within the game.


Here is the new Muslim schools and the new divide.

Some more quality of life features were the revamp of trade goods in the world, advisors now have “personalities”, and a way better multiplayer experience!



Is It Worth It?

For 20 dollars, it does seem a bit overpriced, but compared to a expansion like¬†Third Rome, it’s way better. If you are a experienced EU4 player, you might feel that if you are not playing in the Middle East, you might feel it’s 20 dollars for the Army rework, but in my opinion it’s a solid DLC for it’s price. Just remember Paradox, the milk in the cow is running out.




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