Opinion: Why “Waking the Tiger” will be HOI4’s “Art of War”

by Strategia

310 words

When Hearts of Iron IV came out, many players were dissatisfied because they felt the game was incomplete and rushed. And I remember those times myself. Crazy border gore, AI stupider as in you’ve never seen before, and a whole lot of bugs. Now even 1 and a half years later, many of those problems are still stuck in the game. After 4 main patches and 2 expansions, the game is still not even close to being complete. However, Paradox recently announced a new expansion + patch called “Waking the Tiger”. The feature list is impressive as it adds new focus trees for the Chinese factions + Germany and Japan, and a new mission and decisions system. Also in a dev diary released a couple months ago the lead game developer of HOI4, Dan Lind, outlined future improvements and add-ons he’d like to release. I take this as a good sign for the future, and I can’t help but notice that there is a strong parallel between the releases of HOI4 and Europa Universalis IV. When EU4 was released more than 4 years ago, the game was in a similar state to HOI4 now, but not quite as bad. The first few patches and expansions for EU4 helped, just like HOI4, until the major DLC known as Art of War came out. Art of War was a very useful DLC as it added many small quality of life features, and big features too. Many EU4 players will say that Art of War is a required DLC for the game. Looking at the feature roster for Waking the Tiger, you can easily compare the two. It sucks that it has to cost extra money and time to get a fixed game almost 1 and a half years after it was released, but I have high hopes for the future of Hearts of Iron IV.


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