Rise and Fall: First Expansion for Civ 6 Announced

by Strategia

250 words

Sid Meier’s Civilization 6 is a perfect example of a great game which was brought down by countless bugs and glitches. But the features that the development team brought to the table were amazing for the Civilization franchise. Recently Firaxis Games has announced the first expansion for the game, Rise and Fall. Some of the new features that have been announced are new Golden and Dark Ages that can span for each era. (Medieval Dark Age confirmed?) There is now a Loyalty system which has massive bonuses including capturing entire cities without any shots firing. And now cities have governors which control your cities and bring prosperity without you having to micromanage everything. New historic moments which are basically like achievements have been added to the game. Finally alliances have been revamped, and emergency situations now exist when a crazy civ (ahem, Gandhi), nukes or converts a important city. When that happens other civs can join in a sort of coalition to check the warmongering Civ’s power. Of course a array of new civs will be added to spice up the gameplay, just like the old Civ 5 expansions. I think that Civilization 6 could have been better when it was released about a year ago, but slowly after numerous patches the game is becoming better and better. Personally for me, I play more Paradox strategy games now, but I am still excited to play this new expansion and I still can remember the ONE MORE TURN virus…


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