6 Great Total Conversion Mods for HOI4

by Strategia

Hearts of Iron IV may not be the best game in vanilla, but if you’re looking for a completely different scenario, this list might be for you! I also have a steam collection which I will link which has the mod links and some extra mods. Now let’s get into the list!

Number #6, Red World by Kaiser1871

Our first mod in the list, Red World, by Kaiser1871, explores the concept in which the Soviet Union won the cold war, and not the United States. Now Europe from Moscow to Paris is dominated by the Warsaw Pact and its allies. Now the biggest threat to communism is communism, a splinter faction called revolutionary socialism. The Soviet Union itself is stagnating and the remnants of the old USA are still there to peck at the new world superpower.


Number #5, The Road to 56 by Greatexperiment.


The Road to 56 is a collection of flavor and national focus mods that make the game more interesting and weird. Usually, if you turn off Historical AI Focuses the game will go crazy and will have tons of border gore, so it’s best to turn it on. As the name of the mod says, the mod also extends the game to 1956 instead of 1948, where it usually ends. Try this mod if you want some craziness in your game and long wars.

Number #4, Hearts of Iron IV: The Great War by Wolferos Productions


The Great War is a mod that adds a World War I scenario into the game. You can choose between the two starts of 1910 so you can build up your country or 1914 when you can just jump into the war. One criticism that I have about this mod is that the game is too rail-roaded and you can’t do much alternate history. Even if you can’t maneuver politics on the world stage as good as you’d like. The mod is still a fantastic simulation of WW1 in Hearts of Iron IV.

Number #3, Apres Moi Le Deluge by General Runtime.


Apres Moi Le Deluge is a mod which explores a world where Napoleon “won” the Napoleonic Wars, but his old rivals still stayed somehow were spared, even though they lost a lot of power and prestige, and the French lion controlled Europe. There are tons of new countries that have interesting backstories and events, and there is even an alternate League of Nations system! What is interesting to note, however, is that the mod creator has chosen to not diversify the national focuses trees, and instead delegate it to events. They are still better than the Vanilla Generic focus trees though :).

Number #2, Millennium Dawn: Modern Day Mod by Ted52 and others.


Millennium Dawn is a mod that gives you a modern day simulation of the world. You can start in either 2000 or 2016. There are all of the modern-day countries and several national foci trees for major countries. I think it’s a great mod so far, but it has a lot of work ahead of it and that will take years…

Number #1, Kaiserreich by the KR Team


I cannot even tell you how great Kaiserreich really is. Kaiserreich is a scenario where the Central Powers won WW1 in 1919, and instead of Russia falling to socialism, mainland Britain and France fell to a new type of socialism called “Syndicalism” The old guard have fled to the former British and French colonies, respectively. There is now a three-way conflict between Germany and its allies, the new syndicalist bloc, and the last remnants of the old order. There are plenty of lore and national foci that you will have a blast playing this mod.  Truly a great mod that even rivals the vanilla game in its scope.

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