Bridge Constructor Portal: A Review

by Strategia

560 words

(Author’s Note) This will deviate a little from my normal strategy game reports.


Bridge Constructor Portal is a game where you, well, construct bridges. You might be thinking, “Since it has Portal in its name it must be Portal 3!” I’m sorry to disappoint you, but ClockStone and Headup Games (The developer and publisher, respectively) only collaborated with Valve to use the Portal IP for their game. And based on what I have played so far, they have made a decent job. Now let’s delve deeper into what this game actually holds!


In Bridge Constructor Portal, there are 60 levels. Each level is a separate test chamber. In a test chamber, you have to get one or more trucks to make it to the exit doorway using a series of bridges. Later there are obstacles, like turrets which will force you to find creative ways to pass the test. You are guided by the infamous GLaDOS, which will “help” you with snarky comments. ss_c60ebbe2ef0561264829739a78c372b53c814b39

An example of a complicated method to solve this test.

There are 2 materials you can use, a simple base for your bridge, and a type of rope which can hold your bridge. Once you have some sort of design you can test it to see if it can hold. If one of the parts of the bridge turns red it is dangerously close to collapse, and if it stays in the air you can send one truck to finish and leave the test chamber. If that works you can send the rest of them to gain some extra points. Keep in mind that there is a money system at the top of your screen, however, you have no money cap and can build as much as you like. After the first couple of tests, the famous portal returns as a mechanic. In this game, portals with matching colors are connected, unlike the system in Portal 1 and 2 where there were only blue and orange portals.

Aesthetic and Design:

In B.C.P, the game utilizes the Portal style and mechanics pretty effectively. Many of the characters, mechanics, and utilities from the Portal franchise are back like turrets and the large buttons. For a game like this, you shouldn’t expect 4K crazy ultra graphics, but overall, it’s nice to look and explore the game. With the time and effort, I believe they have created a believable heir to the Portal dynasty…


A look of some of the props used in the game.

Is it Worth It?

Overall, yes, if you like these types of games this is probably the game for you, especially if you like the Portal franchise. However, this is not just for Portal fanboys looking for some sort of Portal 3, this is an actual game which is separate in its own right. But let’s be honest, will Valve ever make a game with a 3 in its title? One criticism I’ll have to voice is that I think that with more time, they could have delivered a more complete game. There are only 2 materials you can use, and it seems that the money “system’ is only there as a waste of space, and not something that you actually had to worry about. Even with those imperfections, I still think Bridge Constructor Portal is a great game.

Is the Cake still a Lie?

Find out for yourself!


Final Score: 7/10





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