New Year’s Update

Hello, I’m Strategia, and I wanted to make some announcements and some thanks. First of all, I’d like to thank every single one of you who have opened, visited, followed, and liked my posts. I never thought that I would have so many visitors in such a short span of about 2 months. I’d also like to thank MovieBabble and Chris Nicholas for being the first people to follow and like my blog, respectively. Go check out their blogs if you are interested. Soon I will be starting an AAR, or an After Action Report. After Action Reports are when you write about your playthroughs after you play them. I will hopefully start one on a popular mod called Kaiserreich, once the 0.6 update comes out. If you’re not a fan of that, there will still be opinions and reviews, just like I normally write about. I’ve also upgraded the blog URL, so instead of just strategia760846598563968 or whatever numbers were on it, it is now just That should make it easier for people to access the blog, and to allow search engines to easily index my blog. These past 2 months of 2017 have been great for me and this blog, and I am hoping that 2018 will be an even better one!


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