How my Dad made the switch from a old iPhone 4 to a Amazon Kindle Fire

by Strategia

350 words

My dad is addicted to his old Apple iPhone 4. After a long, tiring night of work he usually gets in his bed and starts reading. For several hours he usually either browses YouTube, Wikipedia, or the web. Since he has a variety of interests, there is always something he’s seeing. Now, the iPhone 4 has been around for a while, it was originally released in 2011 and smartphones and tablets have changed a lot since then. Even replacing many of these things at least twice, the home button was damaged, the screen was worn, and applications took a while to load. Naturally we needed a replacement, even with my dad’s unwillingness to change devices.  So we started researching. Naturally the most logical course of action would be to stay in the Apple department, after using Apple products ever since he started to work on them for his graphic designer job. He still proudly displays his 19 year old Bondi Blue original Mac in the living room.


A original 1998 iMac

He praised Apple for its intuition, however in the current day and age he was concerned of the price for a full-blown iPhone 8 or 7. He wasn’t so sure he needed a phone either, a tablet’s size might do it for him. So many options to choose. After looking on both Apple and Android devices, we had stumbled on the Amazon Fire lineup of devices. Everything about it just seemed right, low price for great value. After much consideration, we decided to seal the deal and buy a Fire for the price of $60. The agony to wait was crazy, it took almost a week with free shipping, but it finally arrived. As soon as the package arrived, we tore down the box and started up the device. It was just as we expected, a budget-level tablet, yet it could still do the job well. If we would have known earlier that we could have gotten a tablet for $60 dollars, we would have gotten it before. A great steal if you are ever going to purchase it!



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