Four Major Announcements from PDXCon 2018

By Strategia

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This past weekend has been a very exciting time for grand strategy fans, as PDXCon has started in Stockholm, Sweden. New games and expansions have been unveiled at the event. For those of you who do not want to watch the full video or could not make it themselves to the event, I will go through with you about some of the major events at the show.

Crusader Kings II: Holy Fury


Holy Fury is all about crusades. Crusaders have been historically an integral part of the Middle Ages and is in the name of the game itself, but the mechanic has needed some attention in recent times. Holy Fury aims to change that. A new interface will immerse you in the mechanic, and give you all the confidence you need in taking back the Holy Land. Catholic rulers can become a saint, and be favored by the Pope in taking land and leading the crusade. New events relating to religion and crusades will also make you feel like the game is fleshed out and detailed. Also, the clergy will become an important part of your nation, by crowning the king and having a lot of influence in court and country. There are also new mechanics for pagan nations, including a warrior lodge that you can rise through the ranks in, and succession laws, which your Pagan Elder Council has the final word on. Finally, there are shattered and random worlds, where the nations or the land is randomized, similar to EU4’s Random New World mechanic. Overall, Holy Fury is set to become one of the better expansions, but it may be one of the last expansions before the game settles down.


The new crusade mechanic.


Europa Universalis IV: Dharma

index-1.pngDharma‘s main focus is on the sub-continent of India, one of the interesting but less fleshed out regions of the game. Utilizing the Rule Britannia mission system, the Indian nations and empire have received new trees, which will make your experience much more interesting and entertaining. For owners of The Cossacks, new estates have also been added. New trade mechanics have also been included, such as charter companies and upgraded trade centers, so you can invest in them. Policies have received a rework, with new special bonuses. Finally, you can now customize your government, that will define how you manage your realm. As with CKII, Dharma is likely to be one of the last expansion of the game, as Paradox will likely start new ventures.

The upcoming mission tree for the Delhi Sultanate.

Hearts of Iron IV: Man the Guns


Man the Guns will mostly focus on the naval side of combat, by adding greater depth to that theater. It will also focus on the democratic nations of the game, such as the United States. You can now add armor or guns to ships, refit older ships to more advanced ones, and customize warships. Currently, we do not know much about the expansion compared to the rest on this list so I will go more in detail in another post once we have more information. Hearts of Iron IV has sorely needed a naval rework, and this is the perfect chance, combined with new national foci.

A close up look at some of the ships in the expansion.

Imperator: Rome


Well, it’s not Victoria III, but I must say, I’m still pretty excited about this! Imperator: Rome takes place in 303 BC/BCE to the rise of the Roman Empire so there will be tons of content. The game map will span from Spain to India, so there will be many unique cultures and religions in different areas of the map. Features such as character management, different government types, and battle tactics will definitely be interesting mechanics. This game probably has a lot of potential and combined with modders’ ideas, the game will prosper. Currently, the game is scheduled for an Early 2019 release, but this could change later. As with Man the Guns, there is not a lot of information, but as time goes on we will learn more about the game. I am very excited for this game, so let’s hope Paradox doesn’t mess it up!

The pleasant interface and the detailed map.


Paradox forum announcements for the information about the expansions and the heading pictures.

Steam store pages for the pictures. (Search the expansion or game’s title to find them)

Thanks for reading!

After a long hiatus, I have returned and will be posting more content regularly. Be sure to check out my other blog posts and also give me your feedback and comments in the section below. Goodbye!



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